A Storage Place – Palm Avenue

A New Development
An Owned and Operated Property

  • Property Address: 6289 Palm Avenue, CA 92506
  • Square Footage: 100,000 on a 3-acre site
  • Number of Units: 750 storage units

The site was purchased the vacant land with approved plans in place in November 2016. Frontera reworked the plans to ensure a more efficient layout and higher gross revenue potential. Frontera broke ground on construction shortly over acquisition and delivered the project in approximately eleven months. The facility opened in October 2017.

Frontera Real Estate purchased the entitled land in November 2019 and broke ground on the development in March of 2020. The site was previously an unutilized vacant lot in a residential neighborhood adjacent to a railroad. Frontera recognized the site’s potential and teamed up with trusted consultants to bring the project to life. Development was completed in February 2021.

This project is a multi-level, climate-controlled facility with a state-of-the-art security system. Since beginning operations, the property has experienced significant demand and has surpassed pro forma assumptions.

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