Life Storage – Dixon, CA

Dixon, CA
Value-Add Opportunity

  • Property Location: 1100 North 1st Street, Dixon CA
  • Square Footage: 33,972 SF of storage and 134 RV spaces on a 4.13-acre site
  • Number of Units: 558 storage units

Frontera Real Estate formed a joint venture with Westlake Urban, Inc to create Frontera-West, a joint venture focused on self-storage acquisition and development opportunities in the western United States.

Frontera-West identified Dixon as a target market due to the high residential growth in the area and under supply of storage to meet the growing demand. This asset is a value-add opportunity purchased in April 2022 . At the time of acquisition, the facility’s in-place rents were well below market, in addition to having several non-functional vehicles and a substantial amount of deferred maintenance.

Since acquiring the asset, Frontera-West has added 244 storage units to bring the rentable square footage from 34,000 to 58,000 and compelted substantial capital improvments to the proeprty.

Frontera West currently owns this property and manages it under “Life Storage” brand.

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