Public Storage – Magna, UT

Magna, UT
Re-position Opportunity

  • Property Address: 3588 S 7200 W, Magna, UT
  • Square Footage: 36,970 sf storage on a 1.8-acre site
  • Number of Units: 316 storage units

Frontera Real Estate formed a joint venture with Westlake Urban Inc to create Frontera-West, a joint venture focused on self-storage acquisition and development opportunities in the western United States.

Frontera-West purchased this asset as a respositioning play in December 2021. The property unit mix includes large unit sizes, which are desirable but bring in substantially lower rent per square foot. By converting the units to smaller unit sizes, the asset’s has substantial upside.

Frontera-West currently owns this property and manages it under “Public Storage” brand.

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